Eating Dangerously

apple.jpgI love eating (who doesn’t?) and if I have been reading about all the nasty stuff that is being added into my food lately, I probably wonder “what’s left for me to eat”?

corn.jpgWith all my previous articles, you already know that high fat, high sugar, high cholesterol, and high sodium diets have been found to aggravate or cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. We have also to deal with foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, salmonella poisoning and other horrible food-borne illnesses.

garden.jpgMy issue in these matters though is the subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or Genetic Engineering (GE). For all I know, for the last fifty years we have been grappling with the effects of pesticides in our food. And the next fifty we will have to contend to genetically engineered foods. Eating foods with pesticide is just like a tip of the iceberg. Genetically engineering offers undreamed-of possibilities and also generates many grave concerns. I believe that this is an experiment on a vast scale. The environment, animals and even human beings are its guinea pigs. And let’s wait for the unknown effects till years to come.

I still believe that organic farming is the only best agricultural system. Coz/ organic food is healthier and significantly reduces the toxic load on our body. Organic food revolution is always part of the total wellness revolution. Feed your self with delicious and healthy food that leaves the environment in better shape.


Sex Heals!

If it feels good, do it! Coz’ what feels good is good for you.


Making love helps keep you healthy, boost the heart and relieve pain. It is not only in the mind that sex leaves its mark but on the body itself. The effect is on almost every part of the body. This is from the brain, straight to the heart and to the immune system.


I find an active sex life and even arousal lead to my ability to ward off pain, better heart health, more robust immune system, longer life, lower rates of depression and even protection against breast cancer.


Thanks to our hormone called oxytocin, known to be the key lubricant for the machinery of sex. During childbirth, oxytocin controls the muscles of our uterus. And would you believe this? Oxytocin surge up to five times as high as its normal blood level during our orgasm. Considered as the cuddle hormone, it is responsible for helping us to forge strong emotional bond. Released from the brain, it works in the blood, it travels to other tissues like our uterus along our nerve fibers. Where it regulates our blood pressure, body temperature, relief from pain and even wound healing.


Stumbled upon one of oxytocin’s more potent effect is our G Spot, our vaginal on-switch arousal. Even a simple or gentle pressure on my G Spot increases my ability to dull pain. And during orgasm I could tolerate more pain even during self stimulation and so much more with my partner as we both climaxed.


It is during arousal that part of the brain instruct the body to release corticosteroids and endorphins which can temporarily numb some parts my body especially the raw nerve endings. This is responsible for menstrual cramps, migraine and arthritis. It is after my orgasm that my anxiety reduced with a matching calming effect. I have noticed also that my sores or wounds heal fast when we intercourse more often. Even in masturbating, you may experience less depression.

The benefits of sex are noticeable just like after having my aerobic fitness. After my aerobic workouts or acts of intercourse especially during orgasm, my heart rate and blood pressure typically doubles. I may conclude that sex and aerobic workouts can protect me against heart disease.


My partner and I make love more often since it makes us feel healthy and makes us prone to these diseases like heart disease to begin with. We are both sexually active even we are very busy, having sex is equal to walking a mile or bicycling.

Why celibate? Intercourse more often or have more frequent sex so as to live longer and suffer less depression. Remember this, because sex itself appears to be the big factor. Believe me, there is a link between frequent intercourse and greater longevity. My question is this — Is there an optimal rate of sexual frequency for keeping our body’s defenses strong and healthy? This will be an exciting time to rethink and re-conceptualize your sexuality. May “Sex Glow” be with you and stays longer than you realized.

Will you give up too soon?


One in three people develop cancer in his lifetime, and half of them will die within five years of diagnosis. No way to gloss over these grim numbers. And cancer will surely surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death here in the United States.


The Cause. The cause of cancer is the defect that occurs when healthy cells divide and die-off. This process occurs millions of times in a lifetime.

  • Oncogens — order cells to divide and to multiply
  • Tumor Suppressor Genes — directs old cells to die
  • Cleanup Genes — correct mistakes made during the cycle


Cells of all living organisms are programmed to die. This is to make room for new cells. The longer a person lives, the more these defects will pile-up until one or more of the 3 types of genes multiply and go out of control. Eventually they can transfer or spread throughout the body.

cancer-hope2.jpg cancer-hope3.jpg

The Hope. They can turn cancer into a manageable disease that is much like diabetes. Much as insulin is used to contain or control diabetes. When it seems most victims feel helpless, most doctors especially the oncologists feel hopeful. Easily tolerated drugs will replace chemotherapy in the next generation. Just as I said earlier insulin is being used to contain diabetes. To them, cancer treatment is finally on the verge of a transformation. Cancer specialists are hopeful that targeted therapies will overcome cancer. But should we say that this is a pronouncement to a cure.


The Hype. Do these drugs have had more failures than successes? Oncologists envisioned a containable, a more realistic and an attainable strategy. They are hopeful that within five years it may be possible that to keep cancer in check is to use new and precisely targeted drugs and therapies. And so as the victims live longer and relatively symptom-free lives.

cancer-survivors.jpg Cancer survivors

The Reality. If targeted drugs are not a cure. Is there really a lightning speed in cancer treatment? What are the effects and side-effects of chemotherapy? Are they committed to the truth or to wishful thinking? Cancer cells can learn to evade the smartest therapy. Cancer cells so closely resemble normal cells there is a danger that a stimulated immune system will go after both types. Some cancer cells like the chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a rare cancer of the blood, mutated to medicines until they were resistance. This is in fact FDA approved this first targeted therapy. A not so good conclusion may be sobering but to know the truth is definitely in the interest of patient and victims would-be. Does the cancer community overlooked many facts?


With the more than 70 cancer vaccines that are available and are in development, I believe several of these have a good chance of success. The problem that hampers in this whole field of cancer research is that the victims or should I say people are giving up too soon. But to realize the truth— doctors should only need to listen to patients.

To Botox or Not To Botox This Christmas


Are you bothered by wrinkles to stick needles into your face? This is the question millions of Americans will be asking themselves about the Botox craze.


This anti-wrinkle shots was approved by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). But is this wrinkle shots the right one for you?


Botox is short for “Botolinum Toxin” the substance that caused botulism. This is sometimes a fatal form of food poisoning. Sounds scarier! Botox merely interrupts nerve impulses to muscles in the face.


Botox are the biggest thing since nose jobs. It is considered the most popular cosmetic procedure among Americans. About 1.8 million Americans got the shots this year alone — a drug originally approved to calm twitchy eye muscles. Approved by FDA for a removal of certain wrinkles, expect clinics to be inundated by people yearning to be wrinkle free.


The creases between the eyebrows when you frown, the lines that furrow the forehead when you raise your eyebrows and crows feet that appear when you squint, these are all caused by tension in underlying muscle, which squeeze and contract the skin like accordion. Botox shall keep this from happening.

Fortunately, the following are the not so serious side effects of Botox:

1. Allergic reactions are rare

2. In most cases, the worst is that you will lose the ability to raise your eyelids all the way

3. It will leave you drooling, if you’re getting shots around the mouth

4. You might not able to frown or raise your eyebrows or squint

5. After a while, it wears off which means you have to go back every 6 months at up to $600 per treatment


In Hollywood, some directors, complain that their leading actors and actresses can no longer perform a full range of facial expressions. Hahaha

This is not to discourage Botox enthusiasts. To tell you, Botox isn’t cure-all. Don’t mind getting shot up with poison and don’t mind paralyzing parts of your face. Please don’t end up looking worst this Christmas! Merry Christmas and always wear a smile this coming 2008!

Life is Good! Welcome to 2008!


Welcome to 2008! While some people are convinced that this year is going to be hard and bad, I say the future is what we make it. Please don’t start the year with negative vibes, ignore those people who are always complaining and whining. As you can see, they are the people who always see a glass half-empty. Avoid them and remember just believe in yourself, believe in miracle.


Vitamins are not miracle pills though. Of course, vitamins and minerals can’t cure everything, but they can do a lot. But I really tempted to think of them that way, a miracle. Anything that can help me look younger, live longer, stave off heart disease and cancer, boost my energy, enhance my immune system and my libido certainly sounds pretty a miracle to me.


In the last decade, researchers concluded that supplements do indeed play a major role in improving one’s health through heightened immunity and reduced stress levels. I’m faced with overwhelming choices and varieties when I go shopping for my vitamins and minerals. More and more rigorous scientific studies and researches accumulate showing spectacular health benefits from these nutritional supplements. Something that people are now more confused.


Why take vitamins? What’s a person who wants to take vitamins and minerals in a responsible and safe manner supposed to do? All you really want to know, after all, is what really works. But in this ever-expanding and fast-changing arena of nutritional therapy, you can’t always get all the answers to some of your frequently asked questions about vitamins and minerals. All you have to do is to be well keep up-to-date with the latest information, important discoveries and news on nutritional health.


I’m happy that my doctor is increasingly open to nutritional therapy, with all of the scientific breakthroughs in the area of medicine and health. Unlike years ago, I may be pleasantly surprised to find my doctor willing to work with me to find the right dosages and supplements. And this brings me to another important point that vitamin and mineral supplements should be treated with the same concern and care for safety like I would with prescription medicine or drugs.


Just a friendly reminder, large doses of certain minerals can be toxic too. Some can cause side effect, example of these is niacin that can cause hot flashes for us women. Some minerals can interact with medications that you might be taking. So it’s very important to work with your doctor closely and mention any supplements you’re taking. This is especially true if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. In addition to these, supplements are not a substitute for good nutrition. And therefore, one should get her healing vitamins and minerals from foods whenever she can.


Remember this, play a healthy role in your life always. Feel good and get always the best for your health this coming 2008. Don’t forget to nourish your beautiful mind also. Try to find out the important connections between nutrition and wellness.

Let me wish you a healthy and happy year ahead!


Lack of libido seems to be an epidemic this Christmas Season. And you better not watch out and you better cry, Santa Clause is not coming to town?


Has the sizzle disappeared from your sex life? Is generating heat in bed seems like Mission Impossible? Low libido is widespread these days. And the Good News! You are not alone, because more than forty percent (40%) of American women have sexual dysfunction. And the better news, you can change the situation — start now!


There are many benefits of a healthy sex life. Good round of sex relieve pain, boost your heart, lowers your risk of breast cancer and keeps you healthy. The doctor’s advice: Sex after a heart attack is safe. Intercourse burns about 200 calories, this is equivalent to thirty (30) minutes of running vigorously. Good sex leaves its mark on your whole body. And because of this, it gives you a healthy and a glowing skin and a fairer complexion. Remember this, married people live longer than singles do.


So bring back the desire and the fun into your bedroom. Here are my simple and natural tips to increase your libido with pleasure:

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet
  2. Have a regular exercise
  3. Avoid high-fat foods
  4. Try the tested Ginseng (Chinese, Korean Red, etc.)


Sometimes, at the end of the day, I was very tired and I can’t think about sex anymore. I try Ginseng, an aphrodisiac that enhances my physical performance and my sexual performance as well. It may take some time for ginseng to work. Believe me it is magic and it is worth waiting for.


But fatigue and stress is not always the culprit. Hormone imbalance is sometimes the villain for us women. The ups and downs of hormone affect women of all ages. And this condition causes our libido to lay low.


For those women whose low libido is related to menopause. This is because of “lack of testosterone” and both men and women rely on testosterone for sex drive. Since the cause is known, cheer up! It is only Oatmeal to the rescue! Oatmeal (try oat straw, oat bran or wild oats) will raise your testosterone levels quickly and safely. It also decreases dryness in your vagina and leads to increase sensation and pleasure.


You can also try the nutrient L-arginine, the “Natural Viagra” that is known to work for us women. It is less costly and no side effects. Believe me, it will surely improve your sex life. Take it from me. Wanna bet?


What feels good is good for you. Just remember, sometimes your turn-on can leave your partner cold. There are no ending remedies for an ailing or dying sex life. It is important that you know the source of your problem and after knowing the source or cause of the problem. Follow my above simple remedies. Sit back, relax and wait for the fireworks to begin this New Year!


Merry Christmas and an abundant sex life this coming New Year!


First thing first, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all! This coming New Year I expect Blessings, an abundance of good luck, good fortune and good tidings for all this year. But what is life without good health? The answer is Short!


To start the New Year right, I promise to do the following Seven Healthy Resolutions for a long, healthy and fulfilling life:

  1.  Say my prayers, and I will kiss and hug more often. Say a prayer and always thank God for my blessings. I will let my loved ones know how much I love them and care for them. I will spend some time kissing and hugging too! My favorite!
  2. Simplify my life. At this moment of my life, I decided what really matters to me and get rid of excess baggage.
  3. Learn how to relax. I will consider the sources of stress in my life and look for ways to alleviate or lessen them.
  4. Have my regular check-ups. At my age I will have a complete medical examination annually. As a woman I must learn how to examine my breasts and do so monthly. Get a regular pap smear test to detect cervical cancer.
  5. Be fit and strong. My muscles, I use them or I lose them. For me, being fit doesn’t have to be drag. I will start an exercise program to keep myself in good shape and top form, balanced by a healthy diet.
  6. Be good to myself. I will be vigilant about protecting myself from toxic chemicals and pollution. I will take responsibility for my health and vitality.
  7. Protect the environment. I promise to live and to leave this world a better place for my children and their children’s children.


This is my life, I will choose life, I will choose health! Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!